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Maximizing sports performance is not an easy task. Coaches and athletes are continuesly looking for better and faster ways to enhance recovery time so the bodies will adaptate better to training volumes and intensities. Result will be to perform better during workouts and competition. This applies to all sports. Any athlete in any sport, from football to athletics and cycling to crossfit or swimming, athletes of any level, professional and amateur put enormous stress on their bodies during training and competition. The better and faster you recover from your workout will be a determined factor to improve yourselve.

Recovery boots have a long history ongoing. We suggest, after carefully study and selection,  to chose the top air compression device manufacturer in the world. The manufacturer of Air Relax Recovery Boots is ISO 13485 certified on quality management systems.

The manufacturer specializes in developing and supplying various healthcare and medical products for home use, utilizing the world’s best technology accumulated over the past 30 years of service. Their products are recognized around the world for their excellent competitiveness in quality, design and price.